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Cedar Park Youth League

Cedar Park Youth League

The following applies to all divisions:

- There will be between 12 games during the Spring season and 9 games in the Fall.
- All players receive a jersey and socks. 
- After teams are assigned, you will be told what color pants & belt to buy (these can be used).
- Each player requires the following equipment: metal face mask, glove, helmet with face guard, and bat (make sure it's a softball bat!).
- Players that attend the Skills Assessment have the chance to be drafted. If a player misses the Skills Assessment they will be auto-placed onto a team.
- Coaches can protect a min. of 1 player & max. of 8 players by submitting the Protection Form the Sunday before Skills Assessment
- Practice- frequency & duration is determined by the Head Coach.  All practices must be led by a volunteer that has passed a background check with CPYL.  Each team will be assigned one practice per week at CPYL.  Before games begin, there are more slots at CPYL for coaches to request more practice slots at CPYL on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.  After games begin, the availability is restricted to Friday nights, Saturday afternoons and Sunday.  There is also a link on this page to request field time at LISD fields.  If you need assistance with scheduling more practice slots, please reach out to the POCs on this page.

CPYL Softball

Welcome to CPYL Softball

Thank you for your interest in CPYL Softball.  Our goal is to make sure that everyone involved (players/coaches/parents) has a positive experience at CPYL and that every boy and girl who plays here develops a lifelong love for the game of baseball and softball; and in turn, one day, passes that along to their children. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact your any member of the Board of Directors.

6U Softball

Fields: Little Field
The 6U Softball program is designed to lay a good groundwork on the fundamentals of softball.
- 6U is T-ball.
- Each player requires 2 innings of infield every game against CPYL teams.

10U Softball

Fields: Diamond Field
The 10U Softball program will solidify all the work that the players have learned in 6U and 8U.
- 10U is kid pitch.
- Each player requires 2 innings of infield every game, except pitcher & catcher can stay in the same position for 3 consecutive innings.  This applies only to CPYL teams.

8U Softball

Fields: Little Field
The 8U Softball program will continue to develop a player's softball skills. 
- 8U is coach pitch.
- Each player requires 2 innings of infield every game against CPYL teams.

12U Softball

Fields: Diamond Field
- 12U is kid pitch.
- Each player requires 2 innings of infield every game, except pitcher & catcher can stay in the same position for 3 consecutive innings.  This applies only to CPYL teams.

14U Softball

Fields: Diamond Field
- 14U is kid pitch.
- No rotation rules 

Which Division Is My Kiddo In?

 8U 2014-2015
 10U 2012-2013
 12U 2010-2011
 14U 2008-2009

Softball Points of Contact

VP of Softball - your resource for all softball questions, but feel free to reach out to the individual Commissioners below if your question is Division specific.
6U/8U Commissioner
10U/12U/14U Commissioner 


Each season, softball offers one tournament.   This tournament provides invaluable field time and experience for the players.  Please note, tournament rules differ from regular season rules.  Please visit the Softball Tournament Rules listed under Useful Links to view those rules.

All Star Information

General Information:

All Stars takes place immediately after the Spring Season. All registered softball players are able to self-nominate, but they must try out to be considered for the team. In order to try out for the team, the child must have parental consent. Trying out does not guarantee a slot on the team.

Selection Process:

Commitment Requirements: If your child is selected to a 2022 All-Star Team, the following requirements must be met.

1. All-Star registration fee ($150) to be paid in full before the All-Star draft takes place, and it will only be refunded if your daughter is not selected. This fee covers uniform (one jersey and a pair of socks), tournament emblem, field usage, insurance, and PONY tournament fees. 2. Players must be available for all All-Star activities; including but not limited to practices, practice games, team meetings, and regular scheduled games/tournaments.
3. Parent/Guardian to be available as volunteers for concession and field maintenance duties when needed.
4. Travel expenses (if any) are the responsibility of each player’s family.
5. Understanding that if your child is selected for one of the 2022 All-Star teams that participation in games is the manager’s decision. Your child may not participate in every game at every tournament. There is no 2-inning rule during the All-Star season.

Time Commitment:
All-Star teams will practice at least 2 times a week. This effort begins immediately at the end of the regular season and will continue to the middle of July. Tournament weekends are usually Friday-Sunday, except the World Series is a whole week. Warm up tournaments, Sectionals, and Regionals are usually played in Round Rock or Georgetown. The World Series switches between Laredo, TX and Louisiana each year.

Tournaments: The dates for the current year come out in April.
Coaches Meeting: TBD
Warm Up: TBD (usually the last weekend of May)
Warm Up: TBD (usually the first weekend in June)
Sectionals: TBD (usually the second weekend in June)
Regionals: TBD (usually the third weekend in June)
World Series: TBD (usually the second week in July)

All-Star teams will consist of at least 12 players but no more than 22 players on a team. All players must provide a copy of a birth certificate and a signed medical wavier. Rules for all the tournaments follow PONY rules.  There is no required play time per player, so if there are more players on a team, this potentially results in less play time, or none.  We strongly encourage having frank conversations with the coach before agreeing to play.

CPYL tries to have at least one team in each age division and the coach that wins the Spring season is the coach that is nominated to coach the all-star team. If there are enough players to be able to form more than one team in an age division, CPYL allows and encourages this. CPYL encourages the head coach to combine their coaching staff with other coaches from each team in the age division, but this is not guaranteed.


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