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Spring 2019 Registration

Summer Van Hellen

Summer Van Hellen

Registration Director

Refund Policy

Refund requests must be in writing (email) and made no later than February 3rd, 2019. After February 3rd, 2019, the registration fees have been utilized by CPYL for the expense of each player's jersey, hat, insurance, etc., and no money will be refunded at this time. A $10 processing fee will be assessed to each approved refund processed. All refunds will be processed 15 days after the deadline date.

Spring 2019 Softball Registration

Spring 2019 Registration Softball Thru-12/15 12/16-1/27/19 1/28-2/3 Walk Up Registration 2/9
5u/6u Shetland $175 $185 $195 $205
7u/8u Pinto $175 $185 $195 $205
9u/10u Mustang $190 $200 $210 $220
11u/12u Bronco $190 $200 $210 $220
13u/14u Pony $200 $210 $220 $230
15u/16u Pony $200 $210 $220 $230

*After 2/3, walk-up registration will be available during the Skills Assessments being held on Saturday, February 9th, from 11am-2pm. Registration will be located under the Pavilion across from the Big Blue concession stand.

Spring 2019 Baseball Registration

Spring 2019 Registration Baseball Thru-12/15 12/16-1/27/19 1/28/19-2/3/19 Walk Up Registration 2/9
4u Tball $110 $120 $130 $140
5u/6u Tball $175 $185 $195 $205
7u/8u Coach Pitch $175 $185 $195 $205
9u/10u Kid Pitch $190 $200 $210 $220
11u/12u Kid Pitch $190 $200 $210 $220
13u/14u Kid Pitch $200 $210 $220 $230
15u/16u Kid Pitch $200 $210 $220 $230

*After 2/3, walk-up registration will be available during the Skills Assessments being held on Saturday, February 9th,  from 11am-2pm. Registration will be located under the Pavilion across from the Big Blue concession stand. Players should be prepared to participate in Skills Assessments following registration.


Q: What is included in the registration fees?
A: The registration fees covers regular season games (10-12 + EOS playoffs in the Spring; 8 + EOS playoffs in the Fall) and uniform costs: cap/visor and shirt. Number of games played is a target and is dependent on number of teams and weather permitting. Other costs incurred by the player throughout a season may include names for uniforms (if not included, but usually are), player equipment, pictures, fundraising events, and pay-to-play tournaments (Pre-Season and Mid-Season).

Q: How are the registration fees determined?
A: Each year the Executive Committee meets to budget for the upcoming year while considering the projected registration numbers, CPYL park maintenance and upkeep, number of games played in a season, umpire fees, and park improvement needs. Since CPYL is run by a group of volunteers (board members, committee members, field directors, etc.), we have managed to keep registration fees as low as possible year over year; however, each year fees are reviewed and set as determined necessary by the Executive Committee to meet our financial budgets. As a reminder, the registration fees paid provide the funds for uniforms (cap/visor and shirt), 10-12 games in the Spring, 8 games in the Fall (target, weather permitting), the end of season playoffs, trophies, as well as all of the league expenses as they are incurred. CPYL is not subsidized by any other organization/public entity and incurs significant costs throughout the year such as utilities and park and facilities maintenance. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and all registration, sponsorship, fundraising, and donation dollars go back into the organization. 


Q: Is there a 4U T-Ball division in the Fall?
A: Yes, we have currently opened 4U to the Fall season, as long as we have enough players and coaches to put together teams.

Q: How are the age divisions determined?
A: The age for a given Fall and Spring season are determined by the child’s age on January 1st (for softball) and April 30th (for baseball). Please note the year associated with the date and that a player’s age remains the same for consecutive Fall and Spring seasons. For instance, the player’s age as of 4/30/18 is used to determine a players division for the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 seasons. The same applies for softball, though the date is January 1st.

Q: Can my child ‘play up’ to an older age group?
A: No. The most obvious problem is who can be the judge of which kids are ‘good enough’ to move up and which aren’t? Also, if any kids were to  ‘play up’ an age group, that could potentially displace a player who technically belongs in that age group. To accommodate the varying skill sets of players in the league, CPYL offers two (2) levels of competition at 6U and 8U (American and National Leagues), and three (3) levels of competition starting at age 9 for 10U+ (American, National and Select). This policy is in place for the best interest of all players in the league considering various aspects such as space availability, safety, player development, and of course enjoyment of the sport.


Q: What is the difference between NL and AL divisions?
A: While both the AL and NL divisions are recreational, the NL division is generally more competitive and the players often have above average skills for their age group.


Q: What if I miss or cannot attend Skills Assessments?
A: All registered players will be placed on a team through the draft process regardless of their attendance at Skills Assessments (assuming there are enough coaches for registered players). However, because of drafting rules, most NL players that are drafted (not protected) are selected from the pool of players that attended Skills Assessments as coaches are given the opportunity to “assess” the talent and experience of the player. If a player does not attend Skills Assessments (tryouts), then the coaches are not provided an opportunity to assess the player’s experience and therefore cannot make an informed decision on their experience level. Any player who does not attend Skills Assessment will be assigned to a team at the end of the draft process through a blind draft (random assignment). We highly recommend players attend Skills Assessment for this reason.

Q: How can I guarantee that my child is placed on a coach’s team?
A: The only way to guarantee the placement of a player on a specific coach’s team is if the player is listed on his/her “protected players” roster. Each division is allowed to “protect” a specific number of players (depending on the age group/division), but each manager must obtain parent signatures for each “protected” player prior to Skills Assessments. If there is no parent signature, the player is considered available to other managers and will be placed on a team during the draft which is typically held the day after Skills Assessment.

Q: What if my “Special Request” is not granted or my child is not drafted to a NL team, can I get a refund?
A: No. Special requests are considered, but there is no guarantee that a child will be placed on their team or coach of choice. Refunds will be honored if received in writing by the Wednesday prior to Skills Assessments, or date otherwise designated on that season's registration information, but they will not be granted based on whether or not special requests were met, or draft/team assignment outcomes. Note that by the time of the drafts, uniform orders have already been placed and cannot be canceled.

Q: How are coaches selected?
A: Coaches are selected through a volunteer application and review process. There is a committee for softball and baseball made up of league commissioners, and some non-board members of the league. These representatives meet to look at the volunteer registrations of the candidates who signed up, review the information provided in the registration which takes into account experience managing along with other key factors, successfully pass criminal background check, and discuss any known information (positive or negative) regarding any of the candidates. The candidates are then voted on and ranked by the committee in the order by which they will receive a team. Once the managers are selected by the committee they are sent to the board for approval. After board approval the committee looks at the projected number of teams (based on the projected number of players) at each age group and level and begins assigning spots to managers. Once the actual registration numbers begin to firm up teams are added or subtracted accordingly.


Q: How can my child be placed on a select team?

A: Select team managers are usually awarded a team in the October-November period each year. Tryouts for the spring season usually happen in the November – January time frame. All CPYL select teams must have open tryouts and they are advertised on our website each fall/winter.


Q: How many games/practices per week?
A: The spring season generally has 2 games per week (often 1 weekday and 1 weekend), while the fall season generally has 1 game per week (often weekday). Exceptions may occur throughout the season, particularly if there are weather make-up dates. Practices (duration, location, frequency) are solely at the discretion of the individual managers.


Q: What can I do if I have a complaint about an umpire?
A: First, gain an understanding of what constitutes an ‘arguable’ offense by an umpire. Like it or not, judgment calls (fair/foul, safe/out, strike/ball) are not open for interpretation or argument. Lack of umpire's knowledge of rules of the game, general ‘laziness’ in the field of play, and poor/bad attitudes towards managers/coaches/parents/players are all issues of which we would like to be made aware so we can address with CTUA (Umpire Association). To file an official complaint, you may fill out a comment card at the concession stand, or send an email to your field director or your age specific commissioner (email addresses on our website at We can ONLY take action when we have actionable data on which to act, so please be as detailed as possible in your report including the date, time, field location, team names, and the particulars of the incident or issues.


Q: How are volunteers utilized?
A: CPYL is an all-volunteer non-profit organization, which relies heavily on fundraising in order to pay bills, and to maintain and repair the facility. All board members are volunteers as are the managers/coaches. At a minimum, each team will need volunteers throughout the season to assist with field days, concession duty, trash duty, and during the spring fundraiser (Spring Fling), or other events that may be scheduled during the season.

Q: How can I become a member of the Board of Directors?
A: We hold elections every Spring. Nominations usually open in April with the election occurring in May. All positions are filled by popular vote from the league constituency. If elected, you will serve a (2) year term on the board. Each June, elections within the board of directors occur to determine what position you will serve for the following year.

Q: Outside of the board and team related roles, what other volunteer opportunities exist?
A: We are constantly looking for assistance throughout the league. Please contact any Board Member  to identify opportunities on how you can help or become more involved with the league.

Q: How do I become a sponsor or advertise my business at CPYL?
A: Please send an email to the Director of Sponsorship/Advertising.


Q: What are the rules for parking at Faubion Elementary?
A: As a courtesy to our neighbors at Faubion Elementary and to assist with multiple after school programs, we have asked that CPYL parents adhere to the following parking requests at the school:

  • Do not park in the rear of the school at any time during the week or weekends.
  • Do not park in the drive between the school and the CPYL complex (behind the dumpsters) by the school cafeteria before 6:45 on weekdays. Parking is allowed in this area after 6:45 on weekdays and any time during the weekends.
  • Do not park in marked fire zones at any time.
  • Parking in the front of the school is permissible at all times.
  • CPYL patrons not adhering to the requests above will be subject to towing or tickets from CPPD.

Q: If CPYL is owned by the city of Cedar Park, isn’t it considered a public park for everyone’s use?
A: No. CPYL donated the land to the City of Cedar Park in exchange for their funding of the baseball/softball complex improvements (2 new 10u fields – Volunteer and Veterans, etc.), but CPYL is run as a separate, independent, non-profit business. All costs associated to run CPYL operations including utilities, maintenance, repairs, etc. are the responsibility of CPYL. We are not subsidized by the City of Cedar Park.